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Forget-Me-Not-Flower Farm, Scottish Borders: Lonely Bouquets

  • Edinburgh and the Borders Scotland (map)

All over the world florists and flower growers will be leaving gorgeous bouquets in local beauty spots to be picked up by whoever finds them first.

Dorothy from Forget-Me-Not Flower Farm and local Scottish florists will be taking part in The Lonely Bouquet Scheme. They will all be leaving a big beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers at a local beauty spot, attached will be a note from the sender and instructions as to what to do next. Photos will be taken of the flowers at their locations in the hope that this will bring a lot of unexpected smiles to a lot of people's faces!

A little birdie told us that Dorothy will be leaving one or two will be in and around Edinburgh as well as somewhere really really beautiful in the borders..

Follow this link to Dorothy's blog to read more about her involvement in the Lonely Bouquet scheme and hints and tips on where to find some of the gorgeous bouquets.