The easiest way to get involved in the campaign is to simply buy British.

Not only do British flowers usually have a superior scent to imported blooms, they will be fresher and last longer in your vase or decoration. You will be supporting local industry, keeping farms happy and encouraging wildlife and biodiversity. By choosing British flowers and foliage you can be sure you are always getting the best of the season.

You can buy British-grown flowers and foliage from all good independent flower shops across the country. Check out a list of our favourites by clicking on the button below.

Throughout British Flowers Week we'll be sharing news from the campaign on this site. Look out for images of the designs by top florists created for British Flowers Week; local florists' pictures of their own arrangements; British flowers events, demonstrations and talks; flower profile blogs; pop-up British flower stores; window displays and British Flowers Week bouquets.

Join in the conversation at #BritishFlowersWeek and take part in our Photo Competition for the chance to grab yourself a prize.

British Flowers Seasonal Chart

We have put together a British Seasonal Chart to show you which flowers are likely to be in shops when. This chart is completely free to download and shows the seasonal availability of the 120 most widely grown varieties of flowers and foliages in the country. If you would like to get your hands on a larger copy, contact us at to find out how!