19-25 June marks British Flowers Week: the week-long celebration of British flowers and the UK cut flower industry

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New Covent Garden Flower Market

We are London’s famous wholesale flower market where top florists come to buy their fabulous flowers, foliage, plants and sundries. We’re passionate about British and have been trading in British-grown flowers and foliage for centuries.

We founded the British Flowers Week campaign in 2013 to spread our passion for British flowers and foliage, and have seen it going from strength to strength ever since!



The people helping to spread the word about British Flowers Week


Flowers From The Farm
British Flower Champions

We are the network of around 500 artisan cut flower growers all over the UK, working to promote British cut flowers and get local blooms back in every vase.


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This annual celebration of seasonal, locally-grown flowers and foliage is uniting the UK cut flower industry and sparking public and media interest in where our flowers come from.

We are shining a spotlight on the best of British cut flowers and working with the very best independent British florists to show just what British flowers are made of!

Right now, British cut flowers are enjoying a resurgence in demand. Just as interest in locally-grown food has grown, so people are once again appreciating the value of locally-grown, freshly cut flowers.

Up until the 1970s, the only flowers you would ever see in the Flower Markets and nurseries came from flower farmers in Britain.
Today, the vast majority of flowers in your high street flower shop will have been grown by large scale commercial growers in Holland, South America and Africa and routed through the Dutch auctions.

British Flowers Week is bringing British cut flowers back!